Walked up on my boyfriend (at the time) full on making out with another girl…made eye contact with me as I walked by but didn’t stop kissing her. He later on somehow convinced me it was a mistake…I forgave him and thought we could work it out. Fast forward month or two- I find out they are sleeping together. Awesome. We break up- he tells me she has moved and is no longer in the picture…For some reason I decide it would be different this time and we get back together. Fast forward another few months…he had been avoiding me for a few weeks. I knew something was up – but, I thought that if I was just a little sexier, if I made better breakfast and bought him more things and just in general tried to be the absolute best girlfriend that he would fall in love with me again. Out of the blue one day he calls and asks if I would come over to see him before I go to work. Of course, I was beyond ecstatic. I bought expensive lingerie in his favorite color. I made his favorite breakfast, picked up his favorite Gatorade and had a small gift all wrapped up and ready to hide somewhere in his room so he could find it at a later date. God this is hard to even write…how stupid was I? Anyways, I get there and I’m all nervous and hopeful and excited. He answers the door and says he’s going to take a shower and opens the door to his room so I could wait for him. I change into the outfit I bought and start looking for a good place to hide his gift and re-heating the breakfast I made him. He left his phone on his dresser…We all know where this is going right? I opened it ( Yes, open. He had a flip phone) and see nude pictures from 3 other girls. The raunchiest texts I have ever read. 2 of them he apparently had just seen the night before. Best part of all…I find out he has also secretly married one of these 3 girls and she is with child. His child. Oh,and another one of the three had an STD. I also found out he planned on giving her one of my dresses I had left there a few months prior on a day that I came over after work and changed to go with him to a soccer game. He asked me to leave it there…that sick bastard. My mom bought me that dress.