Married for 21 years, always faithful, 4 kids, but I’ve ended up in a torrid affair with a beautiful woman and I love it.

My wife and I got married when she got pregnant, we decided to take a chance after only knowing each other 6 months. We’ve made it work, but she is not my soul mate and sex is and never has been a priority for her whereas I have a high sex drive.

She doesn’t like to do the things I like to do sexually, and really I’m not a hardcore perv. She doesn’t like oral, giving or receiving, and the sex is clinical and she mostly just wants to get it over with if I’m lucky enough to talk her into it at all. Lots of rejection and built up resentment.

My lover on the other hand I am 100% locked in with sexually. OMFG it is so good. The kissing alone is incredible.

Since I’ve been with her, my marriage has gotten better and I’m more attentive to my wife, and my feelings of resentment for her not doing what I want sexually have subsided. It’s totally mellowed me out. I have no desire to leave her now, and I love and respect her and I don’t want to ask her to do things she doesn’t enjoy.

My lover has zero expectations and knows I am not leaving wife and is totally fine with me coming over once a week to screw our brains out.

I love two women, my heart is big enough. I know I’m having my cake and eating it too, but I don’t care. I hope the affair lasts a long time and I hope my wife never finds out. If she did, I’d tell her the truth and ask her for an open marriage.

I’m crazy