My story started about 7 years ago. My ex-wife was 32 at that time, (10 yrs. younger than me). She has great legs and is considered pretty. She works as a corporate trainer and usually trains young managers in a classroom environment. She always dresses professionally, in a skirt suit primarily.

This particular class started on a Monday and ended on a Friday morning. As always, Lisa (not her real name) would give me a rundown of the people in the class and what she felt about them. She mentioned two particular young men that she was having trouble with from the get go. I’ll call them the two Amigo’s. She noted they were obviously partiers and would come in hung over and disruptive. Every night she had more complaints and frustration. Yes, the background info is pertinent to the story.

On Thursday, she told me she was taking the class out to do their standard celebratory dinner. My wife wore a particularly short skirt that day. It was a black suit, white lace camisole and black, sheer hose. I remember because she usually didn’t wear a shorter skirt when she taught, (Should have been my first clue). She told me she’d be home by 8 as usual.

Well, 8 rolled around with no Lisa. Around 9 pm I called her and was met with a slurred voice and very loud background music. She told me her boss wanted her to stay out with them and she promised she’d be home by 11 pm (2nd clue I missed, her boss doesn’t drink). I told her to make sure she didn’t drive and went back to my business.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch and awoke at 1 am. I was shocked that Lisa wasn’t home and promptly called. The call went straight to voicemail. Yes, I started thinking the worst and was relieved to hear a car pull up around 2 am. I rushed to the door and was greeted with my wife getting out of the back seat of an SUV. The door was being held open by a young black man. My wife stumbled and began fixing her skirt and trying to put her jacket on. He reached out to steady her and I could hear him laughing. She walked towards the door and the vehicle pulled away with a departing honk.

My blood pressure was rising as I opened the door. Lisa stumbled past me and went straight upstairs, saying nothing. I followed; asking her what the hell was going on. She said, “Nothing, I just drank too much” and closed the bathroom door on my face. I could hear her undressing and peeing. She came out wearing pajamas and crawled into bed, promptly passing out. I was pissed off and shocked.

I went in to the bathroom and her clothes were piled on the floor. I picked up her skirt to put it in the hamper and was greeted with white stains all over the back of skirt. I was shocked. Her stockings were torn and also looked like they had stains on the thighs. My whole world was blown when I noticed among the pile, the Victoria’s Secret Thong I gave her as an Anniversary gift, it was soaked and it smelled p*ssy and semen all over it! In my heart I knew what had happened, however, I wanted an explanation. She would not awaken.

I didn’t sleep and arose with her at 5:30 am. She was obviously still drunk and groggy. She stumbled out of bed with me following. I demanded an explanation. She began crying, telling me she was sorry, and that she didn’t mean to have it happen. Knowing, not believing, I demanded she tell me what happened.

I prepared coffee for both of us to calm her down so she can start talking. Lisa almost went into a trance and re-capped the evening. She told me she started drinking wine with dinner and began drinking with the two Amigo’s. She told me she was going to show them she could hang with them and drank shots. Lisa said everyone left around 9 and she went to a club with the Amigo’s. Lisa noted she got hammered and started dancing a lot with both of them. She says she knew she needed to leave but was having fun and she said she really liked the Amigo’s attention.

She told me one of the guys, (The black one), pulled her in a side room at the bar and they ended up making out. She said he had her skirt up and her panties down to her knees before she knew it. He put her on a banquet table. Lisa said he got between her legs and before she could protest, he’d pulled out his manhood and shove it up inside her. She told me he’s not that huge and he didn’t last long. She gave me an assurance that he didn’t come inside her because he pulled out (Was that supposed to make me feel better?).

Lisa noted they went back to the bar and she danced with the other Amigo. Lisa noted she ended up in the meeting room with him as well and he bent her over the table, adding that just like the first guy, he also didn’t last long, he also pulled out and come outside. I doubt it for a second. Her panties undeniably smells “mutual orgasm” all over it! I knew she’s just partially telling the truth. It’s all written in her face. So I asked her, is that all? Lisa hesitated for awhile but after a couple of minutes, she broke down and cried. She was so embarrassed when she told me she got in the back seat with the first Amigo (the black one) and he made her rode him cow girl style on the way home.

She said she was sorry and she loved me. I stood there perplexed and confused. I love her and I managed to forgive her but I couldn’t forget that incident. It left an ugly scar on our marriage. After 5 years, we got divorced. This is the reason why I’m easily turned off with girls who loves parties and drinking. They remind me of my ex.