A disturbing video has surfaced online of a distraught boyfriend allegedly confessing to the murder of his cheating girlfriend and her lover. The shocking three-minute video, which appears to have been recorded on June 11, begins with the boyfriend apologizing for discussing his problems on Facebook. However, it’s probably safe to say no one may have expected him to share the information that he did.

He goes on to recount the night he learned of his girlfriend’s betrayal. He stated that she’d asked several times if he’d be working overnight. Since her persistence seemed relatively odd, he wondered why she insisted on making sure he wouldn’t be coming home. So, he told her he’d be working late, but purposely went home earlier than she expected.

To his shock and dismay, he was met with a scene he never thought he would experience. Based on the romantic setting he claims he saw inside the home, it was obvious that his girlfriend had company. It didn’t take long for her boyfriend to figure out that she and her lover had planned a night of romance. There were candles lit, soft music playing, and water running in the bathroom. So, of course, he headed toward the bathroom but he initially he didn’t see his girlfriend. Instead, he saw a nude man. Then, he noticed the guy wasn’t alone. He was engaging in a sexual act with his girlfriend. That’s when things quickly took a horrific turn for the worse.

*Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.*


He admitted that he’d gone into the kitchen to get a hammer. When he returned to the bathroom, he allegedly bludgeoned his girlfriend. Then, he turned his attention to her lover. When her lover attempted to leave, he allegedly bludgeoned him as well. The guy reportedly fell into the tub and the boyfriend admitted he’d tossed the radio into the water and electrocuted him. He went on to share details about his plans to dispose of his girlfriend’s body. He concluded in tears stating that he’d threw his life away for love and planned to turn himself into local police once the video surfaced online.

The disturbing clip, titled “Did This Man Just Confess To Murdering His Girlfriend & Her Side Dude On Facebook?,” was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on Friday, June 26. In a matter of hours, the clip has gone viral with more than 450,000 views. Although some viewers wonder if the guy’s confession is a joke or parody, many still find the clip quite alarming. However, definitive details about the boyfriend’s confession are still scarce.