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While you were sleeping or enjoying your weekend and holiday like a normal person, tens of thousands of Redditors were following the below saga of infidelity as user ‘MyLifeSuxNow‘ (MLSN) provided the play-by-play of discovering his wife of 8 years was sexting with another man, hiring a private investigator, and then coming to a horrible realization of infidelity that’s worse than anything he could have imagined.

Beginning on Friday, MLSN discovered naked pics were being handed back and forth between his wife and someone named Zack but instead of confronting her about it he decides that it’s better to figure out who Zack is and catch them together. In the meantime, he spends the next morning watching her as her phone dings over and over indicating she’s getting texts and when he goes to check her phone while she’s in the shower he discovers it’s…

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