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Strike & you’re out! Slithering snake Wife cheating scandal exposed at the ball game! | These Hoes ain’t loyal! | — August 3, 2015

Strike & you’re out! Slithering snake Wife cheating scandal exposed at the ball game! | These Hoes ain’t loyal! |


Two sisters who were attending the Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on Wednesday night claim they helped expose a man’s cheating wife after they caught her sexting with another man on her cellphone.
Delana and Brynn Hinson were sitting right behind the man’s spouse when they happened to catch the unidentified woman sexting a man saved as “Nancy’ in her phone, all while cuddling with her husband. The two quickly leaned over the woman’s shoulder and took pictures of her texts and posted them on Twitter, Brynn writing: “These hoes ain’t loyal so we expose em.”

Delana then decided to write a note to the man during the game that read: “Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! Its really a man named Mark Allen. There are pictures on my phone.”

In the photos posted on Twitter, the woman’s secret lover is listed as “Nancy” in her phone but refers to him as “Mark Allen.”

“My love … Mark Allen, I love … much …” one text, partially hidden by the woman’s hand, reads.

“I will be the naked … laying on the ground,” another reads.

One of the sisters also wrote her phone number on the note, saying she can share the photos if the texts get deleted, and added, at the end of the message, “Sorry, just thought you should know!”

As the man was leaving the game, the sisters quickly handed him the note. About 30 minutes later, the girls claim the man messaged them asking for the pictures.

@jocyviviana @lanabaybee8

View image on TwitterBrynn received a text messaging that read: ‘This is the guy you gave the message to at the ball game send me that pic please.

To demonstrate that the events weren’t faked, the sisters also posted a video of when they were writing the note that evening and when the guy sent the text asking for the pictures.

It looks like they covered all the bases.

Once again, another Cheater is Exposed! Case Closed till next time

Cheers to Brynn!

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Now For Sale Online! Listening Device on Catch a Cheater Cheap Website! — July 15, 2015
Catch a Cheater Cheap! —
The Story Behind The Guy Who Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating And Is Live-Updating It All —

The Story Behind The Guy Who Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating And Is Live-Updating It All




It’s hard to take anything as pure truth these days, even if you see it with your own eyes. So when a guy comes onto Reddit and starts posting about how he thinks his wife is cheating on him, it’s easy to call it fake or just overlook it. But when the guy in question hires a private investigator, hacks his wife’s phone, and begins live-updating the entire ordeal, you might start to take notice.

That’s what currently happening with a user going by the name of MyLifeSuxNow. He posted his discovery of some incriminating texts onto the sub-reddit Today I F*cked Up and pleaded for help from the comments:

My wife (Jenny) and I have been married for 8 years. We met when we were 22 and we had both just graduated from university. It’s been great so far, we haven’t had a huge argument where we’ve had…

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Husband Erupts After Walking In On His Wife Cheating With Someone He Know — July 5, 2015
EXPOSED! Canada Day Cheating Scandals! Happy Canada Day Everyone :-) — July 1, 2015
Boyfriend Confesses To Murdering Cheating Girlfriend And Her Sidepiece Video — June 27, 2015

Boyfriend Confesses To Murdering Cheating Girlfriend And Her Sidepiece Video

A disturbing video has surfaced online of a distraught boyfriend allegedly confessing to the murder of his cheating girlfriend and her lover. The shocking three-minute video, which appears to have been recorded on June 11, begins with the boyfriend apologizing for discussing his problems on Facebook. However, it’s probably safe to say no one may have expected him to share the information that he did.

He goes on to recount the night he learned of his girlfriend’s betrayal. He stated that she’d asked several times if he’d be working overnight. Since her persistence seemed relatively odd, he wondered why she insisted on making sure he wouldn’t be coming home. So, he told her he’d be working late, but purposely went home earlier than she expected.

To his shock and dismay, he was met with a scene he never thought he would experience. Based on the romantic setting he claims he saw inside the home, it was obvious that his girlfriend had company. It didn’t take long for her boyfriend to figure out that she and her lover had planned a night of romance. There were candles lit, soft music playing, and water running in the bathroom. So, of course, he headed toward the bathroom but he initially he didn’t see his girlfriend. Instead, he saw a nude man. Then, he noticed the guy wasn’t alone. He was engaging in a sexual act with his girlfriend. That’s when things quickly took a horrific turn for the worse.

*Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.*

He admitted that he’d gone into the kitchen to get a hammer. When he returned to the bathroom, he allegedly bludgeoned his girlfriend. Then, he turned his attention to her lover. When her lover attempted to leave, he allegedly bludgeoned him as well. The guy reportedly fell into the tub and the boyfriend admitted he’d tossed the radio into the water and electrocuted him. He went on to share details about his plans to dispose of his girlfriend’s body. He concluded in tears stating that he’d threw his life away for love and planned to turn himself into local police once the video surfaced online.

The disturbing clip, titled “Did This Man Just Confess To Murdering His Girlfriend & Her Side Dude On Facebook?,” was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on Friday, June 26. In a matter of hours, the clip has gone viral with more than 450,000 views. Although some viewers wonder if the guy’s confession is a joke or parody, many still find the clip quite alarming. However, definitive details about the boyfriend’s confession are still scarce.


Confessions of a cheater —

Confessions of a cheater

A life well styled.

It’s taken me awhile to put this piece together, procrastination? Possibly, or maybe just the fact that it’s sometimes hard to face the facts and admit that you’ve been a piece of shit in your past. Young and dumb is the easiest way to explain my take on my past cheating ways.

Let me begin with this statement, I didn’t always cheat on my past boyfriends, there were a few circumstances where I did and whether they “deserved it” or not, it happened. I have had relationships where I fully respected the other person and never even looked at another man, funnily enough, those were the relationships that I got cheated on and in return ended up having a hatred for cheaters (call it a double standard if you will but it did teach me to stop and think about my actions first. I hated how I felt whenever I…

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Devastating: Man Finds Out His Wife Is Cheating, Liveblogs His Private Investigator Catching Her In The Act, Finds Out His Sister-In-Law Is Involved —

Devastating: Man Finds Out His Wife Is Cheating, Liveblogs His Private Investigator Catching Her In The Act, Finds Out His Sister-In-Law Is Involved

Thought Catalog

10817149725_4bd1bb73d9_hvia Flickr – Pro Juventute

While you were sleeping or enjoying your weekend and holiday like a normal person, tens of thousands of Redditors were following the below saga of infidelity as user ‘MyLifeSuxNow‘ (MLSN) provided the play-by-play of discovering his wife of 8 years was sexting with another man, hiring a private investigator, and then coming to a horrible realization of infidelity that’s worse than anything he could have imagined.

Beginning on Friday, MLSN discovered naked pics were being handed back and forth between his wife and someone named Zack but instead of confronting her about it he decides that it’s better to figure out who Zack is and catch them together. In the meantime, he spends the next morning watching her as her phone dings over and over indicating she’s getting texts and when he goes to check her phone while she’s in the shower he discovers it’s…

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It Takes Two to Make a Marriage Work, I’ve cheated on my husband for three years — June 26, 2015

It Takes Two to Make a Marriage Work, I’ve cheated on my husband for three years

When we were dating, my husband once shared with me that he wanted to be a priest. I laughed it off in the same way that when I was eight I wanted to be a circus clown. I brushed it off as just one of those passing childhood fancies. How could my tough, good-looking boyfriend ever consider something so chaste? Not that I have any disrespect for the priesthood; it just seem a thousand miles away from who he was. Little did I know that his tough, manly exterior was hiding a deep-seated shame about sex.  When we were dating he never pressured me for sex. I thought he was a gentleman. I had mistaken my husband’s lack of a sex drive as gentlemanliness.

And that is where my secret comes from. I am having an affair. I have been having one for nearly three years.  After nearly 20 years of marriage my husband has completely cut me off from sex. Because he thinks it is a shameful act.

In the beginning of our marriage, we had sex maybe twice a week. There were times when I wanted more sex, but I understood he worked hard and felt tired at the end of the day. But he didn’t act tired. He just acted uninterested in sex. But he really wanted to be a father.  That was why we were having sex: he wanted children.

Once we had two children the sex went from once or twice a week, to once or twice a month, to once every three months, then once or twice a year. Now it has been about five years since we have had sex.

At first I asked him to talk about it with me. Was I too fat? Was I not doing something he needed me to do?

I got him to go to marriage counseling when I threatened to leave him. After months of counseling it came out — he disliked sex, always had. And furthermore, he did not want to change and was unwilling to change. Even for me.

I had two choices: stay in a sexless marriage or leave him. I wanted to leave him and was making plans to do so when one of our children came down with a life-threatening disease.  And then the economy tanked. I lost my good paying job. (Even now, we have not financially recovered from that double whammy.)

While he may be a horrid husband, he is a good father and works hard to provide for his children. Around that time he coped with the stress by playing on-line games like World of Warcraft. He drew even further away from me as the game began to monopolize every free moment of his day. Little things he used to do for me like oil changes and mowing the grass stopped. I took over doing everything, plus taking care of a very sick child.

One day coming home in the rain I got a flat tire. I called him to come help me, but his response was to call a tow truck. It was raining and he was in the middle of a “raid” in his game and if he left, he would let his online friends down.

I was so angry, and then it was as if Fate took a hand. Our mechanic was driving by and noticed my car. He got out of his warm dry car and changed my tire on the side of the road. Then had me follow him to his shop and put a patch on the flat tire. I offered to pay him, but he refused. He was soaking wet and I told him he had to let me do something, at least buy him a cup of coffee.

He accepted and one thing lead to another. Later that day I was at his house, in his bed, having amazing sex.

That was three years ago. I’m still seeing him. He isn’t married. He lost his pregnant wife and mother in a car accident 15 years ago and never was able to recover enough to want another deep relationship. He doesn’t want to get married again, and I don’t want to get divorced.  We see each other about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Maybe I should feel guilty, but I don’t. I had been so starved for affection, for just a touch, a hug, a kiss. I wanted to feel passion again; I wanted to feel that I was still a sexy woman. He gives me what my husband refuses to give.  Maybe if things had been different, I would have left my husband. But as things stand now, I don’t see a way out and until then I’m going to take this little piece of happiness any way I can.